Ink and Kitchenry is a blog full of recipes and excerpts of my normal-but-not life. I cook things that make me happy and I try to portion to lose weight – who says you can’t have both? Not me. I make everything from cast iron bread (above), cakes and pot roasts. I make my recipes, or find them onlineĀ and tweak them to suite my fancy – or whatever I already have in my fridge – because lets face it, I’m a twenty-something college drop out who can’t figure out what she wants to do with her life, some months are fucking HARD.

Oh yes, and about that – I use profanity. Fair warning.

In this house – apartment – we do the best we can but we are who we are. I use the techniques of the strong women who have come before me, and invent new ones to give my future daughters or sons. In my family cooking is how we show love – in fact my current boyfriend (And I intend to lock this one down, folks, he’s perfection, but I’ll bore you later, this is our first post let’s get to know each other better and endear you to me) Anyway, he once said that one of the things that makes him love me is every time I cook.

I’m a writer, when I’m not cooking, and amidst posts of slow cooker recipes and live-in boyfriends will be my thoughts on this as well, and my very strong feelings about raising and being a strong woman. For me, all these conversations, or just observations happened in my mother’s kitchen, so now I’m going to bring them out into the world.

May all your kitchens be blessed and your Ink never dry my friends!