Ink and Kitchenry is a blog full of recipes and excerpts of my normal-but-not life. I cook things that make me happy and I try to portion to lose weight – who says you can’t have both?

Sometimes the scale, but that’s neither here nor there.

Cooking is my happy place, and I make everything from cast iron bread, cakes to pastas and pot roasts. I love to find new recipes and tweak them until they are my own, as well as take on challenging classics. I’m coming for you, souffle.

I’m a writer, when I’m not cooking, and amidst posts of slow cooker recipes and live-in boyfriends will be my thoughts on this as well, and my very strong feelings about raising and being a strong woman. For me, all these conversations, or just observations happened in my mother’s kitchen, so now I’m going to bring them out into the world.

May all your kitchens be blessed and your Ink never dry my friends!