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Adventure Saturday!

So today we're going to have a couple things going! I'm in the mood for cheese cake, but my oven is busy with seasoning my very hardworking cast-iron, so I looked up no-bake recipes - and then found some strawberry topping (for the SO who doesn't like chocolate, what madness is that?) to put on… Continue reading Adventure Saturday!


Asiago Soup

So today was cold, for the first time it felt like winter where I live - because apparently fuck fall - and after making a crock pot soup that took literally no time to prepare, which I will also post, I was in the mood for something else. This soup isn't difficult, it doesn't have… Continue reading Asiago Soup


Hello There!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Mine was lovely, took the boyfriend to the family, had turkey, and then we all went bowling. I wish I had some pictures of the lovely spread to show you all but to be honest it's all phones away at my mother's house and I love that rule. We… Continue reading Hello There!

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Chicken-Chili Mac’n’Cheese

So this was dinner tonight. It is perfect for super cold nights without being super long to cook, like a lot of soups can be. It's a mix of chili pasta as well, so it melds to two best comfort foods in the world, I mean come on! Chicken-Chili Mac N Cheese INGREDIENTS: 2 cloves… Continue reading Chicken-Chili Mac’n’Cheese

Cooking Thoughts


Okay folk, I'm often faced withed a deep challenge. I hate onions. The texture most of all, but also the taste. Hate them. Terrible. Gag when they are in my mouth. Hate them so much that I can tell when a meal is set before me if it has onions in it or not, before… Continue reading Onions