Cooking Thoughts


Okay folk, I’m often faced withed a deep challenge. I hate onions. The texture most of all, but also the taste. Hate them. Terrible. Gag when they are in my mouth. Hate them so much that I can tell when a meal is set before me if it has onions in it or not, before I even see them, I can smell them, like a fucking bloodhound. A very specific sort of bloodhound.

Anyway, the trial is, how the hell does someone who cooks as much and as diversely as I do, manage when they hate such a common ingredient?

I fucking dump them.

I don’t use them. My boyfriend heard this and he was no thrilled. He likes onions quite a bit, and when he found out that I wouldn’t be using them in any of the soups he loves, he was forlorn. I promised him, it will taste fine. I’ll make it good. And I do.

I use a lot of other spices. Cumin, dill, red pepper, oregano, salt, pepper, I’m not afraid to dash here and there in my spice rack – who are we kidding I don’t have a spice rack, I have spices stacked on my oven. (To be clear I rarely use all those in the same recipe. I can think of, like, one soup that calls for all that, those are JUST examples, Haha)

Aaaaand I use onion powder when I feel the onions were too important to go completely without.

And before it seems like I’m completely unreasonable – I eat salsa. Stewed onions for whatever reason, don’t bother me.

This might seem like a random stream of thought, but I’ve had a bit of a migraine today – and by that I mean I’ve been fairly unconscious all day in a drugged fashion making it go away until I turned on the laptop to update the blog. I’m going to be cooking today, though so onward and upward – without onions.

Today we’re making a completely made up recipe, a variation of a recipe I’ve made before called Chili Mac’n’Cheese. Today we’re doing it with chicken instead of ground beef because I don’t have ground beef enough for this and the Italian wedding soup my boyfriend has requested later this week.


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