Hello There!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Mine was lovely, took the boyfriend to the family, had turkey, and then we all went bowling.

I wish I had some pictures of the lovely spread to show you all but to be honest it’s all phones away at my mother’s house and I love that rule. We all spend time together and talk and nap and just have a great time without all the distraction.

We also learned a great new card game, thirteen. It was awesome. My sister’s fiance cleaned up.

Then we picked up the decorations at my mom’s house and we went home and my boyfriend and I negotiated the location of the tree (I won) and then he had an inspired idea about the Christmas lights.


It looks a little cooler at night. But I loooove it.

I decided against going out to the shoppers this Friday and instead am entertaining a friend. I decided to make a warm, slow cooker meal, which I’ll post here later on!


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