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Adventure Saturday!

So today we’re going to have a couple things going! I’m in the mood for cheese cake, but my oven is busy with seasoning my very hardworking cast-iron, so I looked up no-bake recipes – and then found some strawberry topping (for the SO who doesn’t like chocolate, what madness is that?) to put on top of it!

The other thing I’ve got going on today, and my main project, is my Christmas Bread Recipe. I’ve made this thing up myself. It’s just a normal bread recipe, but sweet, and with cinnamon and cardamon and nutmeg in the dough to give it that Christmas zing. Last time the dough was too big for the cast iron sooooo uncooked middle, and I personally didn’t think it was sweet enough – but the other seasonings were on point. So, today we try again!

I am almost wondering if instead of doing it in a loaf, I should roll the dough out and do more of a croissant type roll or something? Or maybe just cut the loaf in half? There’s always braiding it, too…

Like I said, today is an adventure! As are all Saturdays! I’ll continue posting throughout the day!



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