Asiago Soup

So today was cold, for the first time it felt like winter where I live – because apparently fuck fall – and after making a crock pot soup that took literally no time to prepare, which I will also post, I was in the mood for something else.

This soup isn’t difficult, it doesn’t have a lot of bits and bobs  to add, but it calls for an immersion blender – but you don’t have to have one, I just pour the soup into a regular blender very carefully and then into a separate serving bowl. It’s more dishes, but we have to do what we can with what we have!

On the other hand this soup is hearty and thick and a pretty color, I think, it just LOOKS like fall/winter. Warms the belly and it doesn’t take much to feel full – it’s also great with bread. With having company over I didn’t have time to make the weekly loaf – with Asiago cheese, it’s AMAZING, by the by – but I’ve had it with this soup before and it’s perfection.

As usually I’ll put the recipe up top and a more in-depth post below. Enjoy!

Asiago Soup


2 cups chopped carrots

6 Tablespoons butter

4 chopped and peeled potatoes, cut into small bite sized pieces (Small potatoes or fewer of them) *See note!!!

1 cup white wine

2 cups chicken broth

2 cups half and half or heavy cream

2 cups shredded Asiago cheese

Salt and Pepper to taste


In a large sauce melt butter and saute carrots until tender. Season with salt and pepper.

When carrots are tender, add potatoes, wine and chicken broth. Cover and cook for 20 minutes.

Add cream and cook another 5 minutes.

Remove from heat and stir in the Asiago cheese.

Here’s where it can get dicey, if you have an immersion blender, you get to use it here and blend the soup to your desired chunkiness! If you don’t, never fear, there’s a far more tedious method you can use, which I’ve mentioned in my potato soup recipe. It’s a bitch but I’ve been doing it for years and only scalded myself twice, soooooo….

What your’e going to want to do is take the soup and put it into a blender, I use a measuring cup to do this because it will have a spout. I do about three cups at a time. Then you have to pour the blended soup into another, separate bowl. I know, it’s a bitch. You do this until you’ve blended the entire soup to your desired amount of thickness.

Garnish with more cheese if desired.

*Okay, about those potatoes, those decide the consistency of our soup, so be careful. I’ve never needed all four and the one time I put all four potatoes in there, it was essentially mashed potatoes with a bit of cheese and cream. Haha. so unless your potatoes are tinsy, I advise only three.

Soupy Days!

So, I started my awesome soup with the grunt work. I chopped my carrots and potatoes – after peeling them naturally – and set them aside in their own prep bowls. I started my carrots to cooking and then started portioning out the rest of my ingredients.


Then I re-read my recipe and saw that what I had thought was heavy cream was actually half and half, so then I had to make my own, a cup of cream and a cup of milk, much to my chagrin. I got out my very, very cheap wine (2$ at Walmart my friends, I kid you not) which is for cooking only, god only knows what it must taste like and my chicken broth.


That first measuring cup there is the one with the wine- it just looks gross because of the cream that was in there before.

And I grated my cheese. After the carrots were done it’s time to add potatoes, wine and broth. Smells very strong at this point, but that’s normal.


Now I bring it to a boil, then bring it down to a simmer before I start my 20 minute timer, just because that’s what I’ve done with other soup recipes.

Then we add the “half’n’half” and allow it to cook again. After that I take it off the heat and stir in that beautiful Asiago cheese.

After you’ve got that added in, you blend it – immersion blender, or the cheap person way that I have to, by using a measuring cup and ladling it into my regular blender.

I’m a mess but my boyfriend has Dish Duty today!


In the end, you will have a beautiful soup, that looks like this…


After all your work, you’ll end up with somewhere around 5 adult servings of this amazing soup – or more depending on how much your SO eats. I live with a descendant of vikings who somehow still loses weight no matter how many (or how large of) servings of soup he has so my gauge for this sort of thing isn’t really on point. Lol.


May your kitchens by warm and your inkwells full my friends!!!


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