Today it's cold as BALLS where I live, so I wanted to warm up with a nice meal - that I posted already - and I FINALLY got my Christmas tree! My boyfriend and I got a tiny one this year, it was very cheap, which was the goal for us since Kenny was covering… Continue reading Saturday!

English/Irish Food · Saturday

Cottage Pie!

Mmmmm, this is one of my favorite dishes, and one of the first adventurous things I did when I moved out. I'll be honest, I fell in love with English food due to two things, my Irish heritage and my frequency of pubs, where I live there are only a couple places to go out… Continue reading Cottage Pie!


Meaty Queso Dip!

I actually made this yesterday but I just posted it today because of another set of migraines, bleck. I couldn't get a good picture - kept my lights out except for the Christmas ones - so when I reheat the left overs I'll add some, but I HAVE to post this because it is just… Continue reading Meaty Queso Dip!

Fish · Healthy Food · Pasta

Parmesan Tilapia in Cream Sauce with Angel Hair Pasta

Tonight I was in the mood for fish - andĀ tiredĀ of chicken - and so I defrosted a pack of tilapia I bought fresh from a local Price Cutter and froze about a month ago. Then I got to thinking - what goes best with white fish? White sauce and noodles! So I whipped up this… Continue reading Parmesan Tilapia in Cream Sauce with Angel Hair Pasta


Sick Cook

Hey guys sorry about the long time since the last post and it was a bit of a cliffhanger. That night started a week of me being fairly ill with migraines so unfortunately I haven't gotten to perfect all the recipes and share them with you that I wanted to.  I'm still working on my… Continue reading Sick Cook