Sick Cook

Hey guys sorry about the long time since the last post and it was a bit of a cliffhanger. That night started a week of me being fairly ill with migraines so unfortunately I haven’t gotten to perfect all the recipes and share them with you that I wanted to. 

I’m still working on my sweet bread I think I need to lower the temperature that it cooks at and I think I want to do some sort of braids with it maybe it’s a tiny little braided rolls but it did come out tasting amazing and I’ve got a picture here at the bottom so at least the portions and everything are correct!  Before I post the recipe itself I want to get it exactly right 

Tonight’s dinner is going up because it’s fast it’s easy and I like fish and I haven’t written anything about that on here. I hope your holiday season has started off right and considerably less likely than mine and enjoy tonight’s recipe!

Almost perfection. I will share once I have it right!

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