Meaty Queso Dip!

I actually made this yesterday but I just posted it today because of another set of migraines, bleck. I couldn’t get a good picture – kept my lights out except for the Christmas ones – so when I reheat the left overs I’ll add some, but I HAVE to post this because it is just the thing for a lovely wintery day.

It’s a simple Crock Pot recipe, but it’s short, so you can’t leave it alone for too long and I recommend because it’s cheese based, keeping an eye on it, to avoid burning along the edges and a rough clean up – if you’re like me and don’t have any of those crock pot bags to cook in.

Meaty Queso Dip


16oz Velveeta cheese

1 cup milk

1-2lb ground beef (Depends on your desired level of meatiness)

1 can chili (without beans)

2 tsp paprika

2 tsp chili seasoning  plus a dash for cooking ground beef

A dash taco seasoning plus additional to cook ground beef. (If you’re using a packet, the other half)

1/2 tsp cumin

1/2 tsp cayenne

*I’ll be real with you, I didn’t do the exact measuring on the spices, I used them in ‘dashes’ but this is the measurements from the original recipe I was altering and I was aiming to get as close to them as possible, but I wasn’t feeling great so I didn’t bother.


  1. Cook ground beef with a dash of chili seasoning and taco seasoning (I buy the big plastic thing of taco seasoning, if your’re not a weirdo like me, then I would say half a packet) until browned. Drain.
  2. Cut Velveeta into cubes.
  3. Combine all ingredients into slow cooker. Cook on low for 1hr 45 min. Stirring occasionally.
  4. Serve. It makes several servings, even with me and my man’s appetites the other night we have four servings out of it.


As I said before, I don’t have any pictures today but they will be coming. Trust me though, this dip hits the spot – and my man actually mentioned he would love to taste this on potatoes, it’s so hearty. So if you do let me know!


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