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Take a moment

So you always have to take a moment to laugh at yourself. Today has been a busy day in the Irish-Wildwoman-Viking house, I have cleaned every room from top to bottom and am keeping up with my laundry amidst fighting with my computer about the pictures on this blog - which I did finally fix,… Continue reading Take a moment

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Chicken Caesar Wraps

Chicken Caesar Wraps Serving - 6 Ingredients 8 oz chicken 1 bag of Caesar Salad 1 package of your choice of wraps (I like Flatout) Salt and pepper to taste Directions Slice the chicken into strips and saute up in a pan, seasoning as you prefer. I used Dill on mine because it's mild and… Continue reading Chicken Caesar Wraps

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Meal Plan for Today

So sorry for the delay today guys, my phone, which holds all the pictures, is deciding to be a douchecanoe, and not letting me upload anything, and the cleansing of my home turned into a much bigger job than I anticipated. So here we are, an hour and a half after I ate lunch and I… Continue reading Meal Plan for Today


Bad Day/Good News Spaghetti

So today, on the tail end of what has proven to be a fierce cold, I only had to make one meal, after getting up insanely late, we went out for lunch and then did a huge grocery trip. After that I napped, still trying to recover, and I found myself in the mood for… Continue reading Bad Day/Good News Spaghetti

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Cook with me!

So this week I'm going to show you guys a week in my kitchen, and upload all the recipes and we can cook together! I am moving to eating healthier this week and I'm going to show you all my healthy snacks and get the calorie counts and such. I'll try to upload as many… Continue reading Cook with me!


Potato Soup From Scratch

So today I'm sick. What do you want to eat when you sick? Soup. All the soup! Prior to getting together with my boyfriend, the only soup I really made was Potato soup with the canned Campbell's cream-of stuff, milk and then some baked potatoes and cheese. It was good, but most importantly it was… Continue reading Potato Soup From Scratch

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Food and Life

Inevitably intertwined, are food and life, not just in that you must eat to live, but that in what's going on in your life will influence what you eat. When I'm sad I eat pasta, it makes me happy - be that the carbs or just the memories attached, depends on who you ask, dietitian… Continue reading Food and Life

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So I think I've mentioned this before, my boyfriend is Viking spawn. Now and again I do a regional night or week of cooking, and all the recipes will be from our ancestral lands so Norwegian for him, Irish/German for me.Or I'll pick somewhere completely new to change it up, just move away from my… Continue reading Skolebrød

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Twisted Sweet Bread

This recipe has a variation with apple-butter and cinnamon for the filling, which is equally good, I like the version I'm posting for spring/summer and the apple-butter, cinnamon for fall/winter. I made this for my mother for her birthday and none of it came home with me! It's delicious warmed with ice cream too, but… Continue reading Twisted Sweet Bread


I’m not gone forever!

Hullo the void! It's been a while, the silence was me taking a break to deal with my very prevalent migraines. It turned out after five plus years of doing a phones job, my anxiety decided I needed a career change, and was giving me those migraines to communicate that to me, and no amount… Continue reading I’m not gone forever!