Bad Day/Good News Spaghetti

So today, on the tail end of what has proven to be a fierce cold, I only had to make one meal, after getting up insanely late, we went out for lunch and then did a huge grocery trip. After that I napped, still trying to recover, and I found myself in the mood for a comfort meal.

When I asked my boyfriend what he wanted me to cook, if anything in particular this paycheck, the one thing he asked for was spaghetti, which isn’t a surprise, it’s one of his favorites, to the point that whenever he gets good news, or he’s had a bad day, this is what I make for him – and feeling not so great myself, I decide to make it tonight.

Now I’m going to tell on myself a little, I usually make a more from scratch recipe than I did tonight, not feeling very well and wanting to save money I didn’t buy the diced tomatoes and the Italian sausage, and I bought some spaghetti sauce from a jar. But I spiced it up properly and it still tasted good.



1lb ground beef

1lb Italian sausage

1 can diced tomatoes

2 large cans tomato sauce (I like Hunts)

1 Large can tomato paste

1 can traditional sauce Hunts (This comes in several flavors)

1 can mushrooms

1/2 cup olives

Spaghetti noodles

oregano to taste

garlic to taste

basil to taste

salt and pepper to taste


Begin cooking your ground beef in one pan and your Italian sausage in another – they cook at different speeds so I don’t recommend using the same pan. Cook until both are browned.

In a large pot, put your beginning amount of garlic, tomato paste, basil and oregano and turn on medium heat. Taste it to make sure it doesn’t need any other seasoning, and add whatever you may need.

Stir in the diced tomatoes, tomato sauce and pasta sauce, mushrooms and olives, keep on medium heat, stirring occasionally to avoid bubbling.

Put water on to boil for noodles, I advise flavoring water, olive oil and salt.

When your meat is done, drain of excess fat and add to your sauce mixture.

When noodles are finished, drain and add a touch of butter to avoid sticking!


There is nothing quite as comforting as a big pot of food you made yourself, or the knowledge it will soon be in your belly!!!!

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