Cooking Thoughts

Meal Plan for Today

So sorry for the delay today guys, my phone, which holds all the pictures, is deciding to be a douchecanoe, and not letting me upload anything, and the cleansing of my home turned into a much bigger job than I anticipated. So here we are, an hour and a half after I ate lunch and I still haven’t got to posting it!

Menu For Today

Lunch: Chicken Caesar Wrap

Snacks: Grapes, Cheese Stick or Brownie Brittle

Dinner: Asiago Soup

What do you do for breakfast you crazy woman?

Okay, so real talk my darlings, I get up late, I wake up after 10 am fairly regularly because I go to bed consistently after 3. So I don’t eat breakfast! That’s terrible. But to keep my metabolism up, I try to snack throughout the day and still get a calorie count consistent with my physical activity of the day.

How do I know what is right for me? I use MyFitnessPal, It’s an app where you can program in what you do physically all day with your weight and height and such and if you want to lose or maintain or gain weight and it gives you a calorie count to meet. It’s awesome, and it’s safe. You plug in your food by scanning bar codes and also searching their VAST data bases, you can also create your own recipes!

It also gives you warnings if you go too low in your calorie count, so you can combat that little voice that I know we sometimes may have in our heads saying, Mmmm, maybe skip that snack, or that meal, you want to go down a jean size don’t you?

Yeah, that little voice is a bitch. Fuck her. Eat the damn snack. You don’t take your fucking jeans with you when you die – but the memory of that cupcake lasts forever!


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