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Take a moment

So you always have to take a moment to laugh at yourself. Today has been a busy day in the Irish-Wildwoman-Viking house, I have cleaned every room from top to bottom and am keeping up with my laundry amidst fighting with my computer about the pictures on this blog – which I did finally fix, I just have to email them to myself because they aren’t automatically uploading – it’s a whole big thing.

Anyway, so I take a moment to glance at the clock and I see my boyfriend is going to be home in about an hour and a half, so I need to start dinner in about 45 minutes, right. So I bop about, working on my bedroom which was a disaster, vacuuming, ect, and then suddenly it hits my, whoa! I’ve gotta get dinner started, there is a fair amount of prep in this meal!

So I hustle to the kitchen, I peel and dice my potatoes, my carrots, and I get them in my prep bowls and I have to put my dishes that I washed earlier up and I’m like, man, how much time do I have, I don’t want to rush my cooking I want to be able to chill with my man once he gets home – and then I look at the clock….

So apparently only twenty minutes had passed from the first time I looked at the clock. I don’t know why my internal clock was so off, but wow! So now I’m taking some down time with my kittens, while my bowls are covered and sitting up on my counter, haha.



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