Taking the Kitchen Back!

Phew, the past few moths have been a series of changes and challenges! Unfortunately, in that time I let the blog go the side as I struggled to adjust. However, things have settled into a nice pattern now, and I decided, after realizing I haven’t done any experimenting in the kitchen since I started my new job, that I was going to Take the Kitchen Back this weekend!

And how to start such a project you ask?

Cupcakes and Cobblers! I say with great gusto.

On the menu this weekend, we have several cupcake types! I am planning on experimenting with flavors between the frosting and base, all kinds of unique combos – within a budget, of course, my new job doesn’t pay what the call center did!

Peach cobbler is up first, however. I have a sheet of crescent dough burning a hole in my fridge and I am eager to try a quickie recipe with some canned peaches and perhaps some different garnishes. I have some whole grain cereal with clusters of pecans and the like, that could be good in there. Like I said before, it’s going to be an experimental weekend!

I can’t wait!

See you in the Kitchen!

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