Cupcake Sunday Planning

So, cupcake day! Below are some cupcakes I’ve either seen online or made up myself. I’m going to create recipes like I usually do, half from scratch, half from a compilation of others in a similar type of recipe.


Banana Maple Cupcakes – Banana flavored cupcakes with Chocolate and/or Maple frosting.

Almond Cookie Dough Cupcakes – Vanilla-almond cupcakes – Cookie dough frosting.

Coconut Cupcakes – Dark Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes – coconut frosting

Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcakes – Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes w/ chips – mint chocolate frosting

Birthday Confettie Cupcakes – vanilla with sprinkles – butter cream frosting, w/ food coloring

Easter Cupcakes – Vanilla almond chocolate almond cupcakes – White chocolate frosting tinted for Easter

Fruit Basket – Lime cupcakes – raspberry frosting

Neopolitan Cupcakes – (Brownie bottom, vanilla middle) –Strawberry frosting

Butterbeer cupcakes


So I’m narrowing down what flavors I want to try out. Above are all the ones I’ve considered creating, but money is an ever-present, natural limitation on my endeavors, so obviously I can’t do all of those. I know I want to do the Mint Chocolate cupcakes, I already have green food coloring and mint flavoring, so we’re good.

However, I feel I can do two flavors at least and stay on budget, my Viking eats me out of house and home but he doesn’t like chocolate, so the next flavor I do would be better if it were fruity, or otherwise non-chocolaty. I am always eager to do anything Harry Potter, however the amount of things I don’t have on that recipe list – whichever recipe I end up making, there are several out there – is longer than those I have, which makes it less appealing. I am super excited for the Neapolitan cupcakes, I think the idea is bitchin, but again, chocolate, and so many things I don’t have.

When it comes to things I actually have most of the stuff for, the Cookie-dough cupcakes, Banana Maple and Cinnamon roll Cupcakes are the top, followed closely by Easter cupcakes.

So my big decision will be between those. Ugh, right now I want them all, I’m munchy and trying to lose weight so I’m chilling with some grapes instead of chocolate. Bleck. They aren’t good grapes either or I wouldn’t complain.

Enjoy your kitchens, my friends! Tomorrow we’re baking up a STORM!!!!!


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