Cupcake Sunday Pt. 2

So today was exhausting. I have literally been baking since sometime around 1pm. Nine hours later, with only one break to eat dinner, I have three batches of cupcakes, in three flavors. Oh my god. I am so sweaty and gross. However, I have triumphed!

Here’s the recipes my friends.

Mint Chip Cupcakes: Vanilla and Dark Chocolate


1 box vanilla cake mix (I prefer Betty Crocker, always)

1 c. mini chocolate chips + more for sprinkling atop the cupcakes

*1 c. hot water

*½ c. vegetable oil

*3 eggs


Mint extract/flavoring

Green food coloring

Cream Cheese 1 block

1 ½ c powdered sugar

1 tbsp heavy cream

*So these are the things that my cake mix required, adjust for whatever you use.


Mix the cake-box as directed and then add in your mini-chips. Bake as directed on the box.

Upon the cupcakes cooling properly – usually a couple hours – mix up your frosting!

Make sure to leave your cream cheese out a little before mixing up the frosting, this will make it easier to mix properly. Blend it until smooth, then add powdered sugar and heavy cream. Blend again until fully mixed, then add in flavoring and food coloring.

Now that you have your amazing frosting made, time to pipe it onto your cupcakes. I bought piping bags this time, but usually I just snip the corner off of Ziploc bags, it works in a pinch, and if you invest in the frosting tips, you can save money on the piping bags!

I finished my cupcakes off with a sprinkle of mini chips. Voila! Perfection!


The Neapolitan Cupcakes!

Sorry about the state of this little guy. I put all the pretty ones away before remembering to take a picture.


Vanilla cake mix

Brownie mix


1 block of cream cheese

1 c powdered sugar

1tbsp heavy cream

Strawberry flavoring (A dash)

Red food coloring (To your desired shade)


Mix up your brownie mix first in one bowl and fill the bottom of the cupcake foils. Mix up your vanilla cake mix and pour it over the brownie mix – and make sure here to get your ratio right, you want more vanilla than brownie because  otherwise the brownie mix will rise up and while you will cover it with frosting on the top, it doesn’t look as good. I made this mistake this time, with the first batch, but learn from my mistake!

Bake for about 25 minutes, until the toothpick comes out clean, there’s always variation between ovens! Allow to cool, again a couple hours, and then mix your frosting up! Make sure to leave out the cream cheese a while to let it soften naturally – but not too much or it will make your frosting limp. Add the powdered sugar after that and then the flavoring and food coloring!


I’m really tired, so I won’t add the from-scratch recipes tonight, but they are going to be here soon.

Enjoy your Kitchens, and sleep well!


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