Goat Cheese Quiche

So, I ADORE quiche. I will, probably, have a separate category in the blog that is JUST for all the types of quiche that I make, and you might laugh because, seriously, they aren't very complicated, and the recipes are probably very similar, right? WRONG THEY ARE ALL SNOWFLAKES OF EGGY GOODNESS! So, this is… Continue reading Goat Cheese Quiche

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Back on the Wagon

Healthy eating comes in many forms. I prefer calorie counting, it's easier for me, and I have a handy App on my phone, My Fitness Pal, which lets me plug in everything I eat, create recipes and add from restaurants, all while staying within my given allotment for the day. You can plan your allotments… Continue reading Back on the Wagon

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Buffalo Chicken Soup

The best thing about this soup? It doesn't break the calorie bank! At 202 calories a bowl, you can still say you're doing great, and enjoy this 'cheat day' tasting food! Now, I know what you're thinking, what do you cut out on? Why won't I like this? Can I only eat like a 1/4… Continue reading Buffalo Chicken Soup


Copy-Kat Limeade

Hey guys, it's been a while so I decided to post something that I have become addicted to! When I gave up soda I was desperate to find something else - and while this obviously does have some soda in it, it's clear - not dark soda - and when drank in moderation it's not… Continue reading Copy-Kat Limeade


A friend in need…

Hello my friends, I have a friend who got some unfortunate news recently, she and her husband are trying to have a baby and the traditional outlook is bleak. The biology of the situation is going to force them to use IVF, which I'm sure you know is extraordinarily expensive! So myself and others who… Continue reading A friend in need…