Copy-Kat Limeade

Hey guys, it’s been a while so I decided to post something that I have become addicted to! When I gave up soda I was desperate to find something else – and while this obviously does have some soda in it, it’s clear – not dark soda – and when drank in moderation it’s not so bad for you!

Especially considering all the bad – but tasty – crap in dark sodas…..which I do miss, I won’t lie!!!

CopyKat Limeade



Minute Made Limeade

*Optional – Limes


Put ice in your glass and pour the Sprite in first, it may seem silly but this does matter. I use about a quarter of those little 20oz bottles that come in the six packs. I recommend them, actually, because they will stay good longer, especially important if you aren’t drinking/making a ton of these at a time!

Pour in about 8 oz of the Cherry Limeade into the class, mix a bit, and if you taste it and want it to be sweeter, just pour a bit more!


Every serving is a little under 200 calories, as long as you don’t stray too far from the measurements I mentioned!


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