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Buffalo Chicken Soup

The best thing about this soup? It doesn’t break the calorie bank! At 202 calories a bowl, you can still say you’re doing great, and enjoy this ‘cheat day’ tasting food!

Now, I know what you’re thinking, what do you cut out on? Why won’t I like this? Can I only eat like a 1/4 a cup?

Answer: I cut nothing, you can have a bowl the size of mine up there in the picture, and I cut nothing from this recipe, because I made it up myself.

Healthier ingredients are the key to this recipe, and moderation of portion, NOT skimp! I made this recipe up when I was getting used to spicy foods when my Viking moved in. Between his love of soup and buffalo sauce, it was a no-brainer to try this recipe out. The inspiration of the rest of the meal came when I saw a recipe for Crack Chicken making the rounds on my Facebook, and I decided these two recipes needed to be merged.

The second best thing about this recipe? It can be made via the crockpot, so it can be a dump-it-and-forget-it recipe if you so choose! Today I literally came home on my early lunch and tossed it together and then went back to work, and it was ready when we got home.

Of course, for those who want a thicker, soupy-ier?, soup doing it from scratch is the jam. I’ll put up both methods, and keep in mind there will be a couple ingredients added for the roux in the from-scratch method.

Crock-Pot Buffalo Chicken Soup


5 Chicken breasts

8 oz fat-free cream cheese

4 c. Chicken broth (That’s one large box of Swanson if you’re me)

1 pouch of Ranch mix

1.5 c. Buffalo Wing Sauce


Dump all these ingredients into the crock-pot, put it on low and let cook for at least 5 hours. Take out your chicken and shred it, then whisk the liquids together until it turns a pretty orange color. Add the chicken back in and let sit again for at least 30 minutes. Then serve!


From Scratch Soup


5 Chicken breasts

8 oz fat-free cream cheese

4 c. Chicken broth (That’s one large box of Swanson if you’re me)

1 pouch of Ranch mix

1.5 c. Buffalo Wing Sauce

3 Tbsp butter

3 Tbsp flour


First you want to boil your chicken, then shred and set aside.

Create your roux, melt the butter, add a dash of salt, pepper, ranch mix and garlic, add in the flour, stir until solid. Add in your cream cheese, cook until melted, then add in your chicken broth and whisk until combined. Add in the buffalo sauce, bring to a boil and allow it to thicken.

Add the chicken in, and stir gently until it’s all combined together nicely. Serve and enjoy!


Cooking Notes: I would say the main way this soup can/should be edited would be to add more or less buffalo sauce – mainly if you are sensitive to spice. It’s very mild, in my opinion, but if you are sensitive, cut down the buffalo sauce and perhaps add a bit of cream/milk to make sure you still get the right consistency. (I always go cream, we know this)

DO NOT ADD MORE CREAM CHEESE! I mean of course you can if you want, but I made a mistake doing a similar recipe and added more cream cheese, Ooooh ma gaaaah it was a bad idea, it made the cream-cheese flavor so strong it was just like more of a dip than a meal when I had it done. Bleck. However, do as you wilt!

May your kitchens be clean and successful my friends!


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