Fellow Writers!

Hey guys, it's going to be a busy week, starting a new job, and I've found my writing completely stalling out. I keep wanting to watch Netflix instead, and this is a common symptom of my bouts of near-clinical depresh, no big. So I decided I would reach out and ask what you guys do… Continue reading Fellow Writers!


Asiago Bread

Perfect soup bread, this Asiago bread is easy and pretty much just a variation of my basic recipe, but adding in the cheese. I'll put it here, but there's not a whole lot more to it.  Basic Bread Recipe Ingredients 1 package (or 2 and 1/4 tsp.) active dry yeast 2 c warm water 1/2 tbsp… Continue reading Asiago Bread

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Beef Tips – Slow Cooker (Or Chicken)

So this was the recipe I decided to make for my dinner with my friend earlier this week. It's a favorite of hers, I've made it for her and her son (my amazing nephew) on several occasions, even when he was in his 'picky' stage, he adored it. It's amazing and great with rice or… Continue reading Beef Tips – Slow Cooker (Or Chicken)


Woman you have no job!

So I haven't had anything to do other than cook this week and I still managed to not post my dinner party recipes this week, dear god. So I got distracted. My friend had a baby over - her niece - and she got sick, has gurd (gerd?) I don't fucking know. We didn't know… Continue reading Woman you have no job!

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Dinner Party

So, I am going to a dinner party - really we don't call it that but that's what it is - with my very best friend. She decided we should grab our men and meet up while I'm between jobs, and each make part of the dinner then meet at her house. I was thrilled.… Continue reading Dinner Party


Butterscotch Mousse-ish

So I won't lie to you all, you're my peeps, I don't actually know how to make legit mousse. I've never looked up a recipe for it - pinned several - but never given it an actual look-over. Cut to Saturday night, I was having a desire to make, something, and looking up at my pantry with… Continue reading Butterscotch Mousse-ish

Stray Thoughts

It’s all been a Con – Growing up and Other Shit

So I'm up late with back pain - and no real need to moderate my sleep schedule - and I was reading Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick, and she talks about how she expected fame to change her for the better, which is to say, not make her a pretentious douche, and I found… Continue reading It’s all been a Con – Growing up and Other Shit

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More Handpies?

Don't toy with us woman, these are not new! You've already written a post, are you so lame you are already repeating? Wellll, no, but like you, I get super busy throughout the week and don't have time to create new shit every day! When I make a variation on something new that turns out… Continue reading More Handpies?



So I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I am in the midst of searching for another job for the third time this year, it's been a crazy year. It's never a fun experience for someone who has anxiety naturally, but I'm optimistic. As I search for employment, I am trying to write something and… Continue reading Weekend

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Beefy White-Bean Soup

So when you guys read this recipe you're going to think that, what the fuck? Half of these are things you don't even like! However, my boyfriend and I were sitting around, talking about shopping for groceries, and I asked if there was anything he wanted, he mentioned Spaghetti and soup - I already had… Continue reading Beefy White-Bean Soup