Homemade Cheesy Buns

So it feels like fall where I live, normally I would embrace the cold weather and endless rainfall as ‘spring’ but last year I was cheated out of Autumn. I went straight from Summer – my least favorite season – to mild Winter that was still undoubtedly winter, not Fall. So I got to enjoy- no Autumn. Fuck 2016.


So this year when Spring decided it wanted to feel more like fall, chilly and drizzly and grey, I got so excited that I said fuck it, started wearing my pumpkin scented lotions, burning my cider-apple and cinnamon pumpkin candles, and baked some bread!

I didn’t want to make another loaf of bread, and I’ve been wanting to get into making something for lunch. So I decided to make buns. I bought some cheese blend from Price Cutter – pre-shredded because I was feeling lazy – and used up the last of the yeast in my jar.

About the calories, they are including the most flour and a 4 cheese blend. If you decide to use different cheese I would re-calculate it just to be safe. However unless you use a very fatty-cheese blend, or add a lot more than the 16oz, it shouldn’t be too much more.

Homemade Cheesy Sandwich Buns

113 Calories/Bun – Makes 8


2 c warm water

2 ¼ tsp active yeast

1 heaping tsp salt

2 tsp garlic

1 ¼- 1 ½ c shredded cheese

~4-6 c flour + some for the kneading process.


Start by putting your yeast into the mixing bowl, then add your hot water and salt and whisk until it foams lightly and is thoroughly combined.

Start adding flour by the ½ cup, I whisk them for the first few scoops until a light paste begins to form – at this point add in your garlic and half your cheese. Begin adding the flour again, ½ cup at a time, and when it starts to get too thick to whisk, (usually around cup 3ish) use a wooden spatula or spoon to continue mixing it.

You want to add enough flour that your dough is formed and workable, but not dry, you want to have it still slightly wet.

Now transfer it to a different bowl, usually good to grease it with butter, and cover it, allowing the dough to rise until it doubles (usually about an hour).

size of cheesy bunWhen your dough has risen, punch it down and knead it for a few minutes. Then break it into 8 equal portions,  now you can shape them however you like, if you prefer square flat, pita-type bread, you can roll it out, I pressed mine into circular shapes for six of them, and then created a thin log of dough and swirled it for the other six to see what
might happen.

The only thing with the circular shapes that I found was that they puff up a great deal. So you really only need one for a sandwich, and it will just be open-faced. I have actually done this, and it’s really easy to eat – generally you want to heat the bread up before you eat it, so it melts the cheese nicely!

You could always separate it into smaller bits, and then it would naturally make smaller pieces that won’t puff up as much as the picture, either way this is going to taste amazing. As always you can brush on an egg-white coating over the dough and it will shine gloriously!

Bake your dough for 35 minutes at 350.

Then take out and enjoy! I had my first sandwich today, Munster cheese with salami. It was amazing!!!!!!

Cheesy Bun
This is one I did as a twist, so I would a strip of dough in on itself to create the circle. It puffs up more than the flatter rolled ones naturally, but it is great for the open-faced sandwiches.



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