Stray Thoughts

Stunned Silence at my Reappearance

Well hello everyone! Sorry about the brief disappearance, things have been chaotic since I left my long-term job and I’ve been struggling to find a new good fit. I don’t know if any of you reading this have ever worked in a call-center but it does a number on the head. I have had trouble finding a new position that doesn’t have so much phone work that it reignites my anxiety and creates a migraine.

Having dropped out of college – due to a mix of not knowing what i wanted to major in and family issues making me feel I was needed at home – my lack of a degree is also limiting what I can even try to apply for.

Luckily I’m a peppy sort of person, anxiety and chronic depression aside – hahaha – so I’m keeping my head up, and a major part of that is cooking! And with a new job already starting on Monday – shopping for new work clothes!

So I’m going to post several things I’ve been working on recently over the next few days! I hope you all enjoy!


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