Mothers Day Peach-Raspberry Pies

So today I got to go to a fantastic barbecue thrown by my mom for the moms in the family, ie, her and my gma. I mentioned earlier today that I am in an occupational flux right now – four jobs this year and counting – so I don’t have a lot of money to spend. Any. I don’t have ANY money to spend on non-essentials.

I sauntered over to my local Walmart Market and sniffed around for what I would need to make her a set of mini-pies.

Given that spring has sprung and started to feel like summer, I went with peach, and my mom ADORES raspberry, so I decided to add those in too. I normally like fresh everything, but I only had a couple hours and peaches in my neck of the woods are hit-or-miss, so to save time, money and get me some peach syrup for the filling, I got canned peaches.

Then I snagged up flowers and got to work.

Flowers I got for my mom.

This recipe is fun and it ends up smelling delicious, my mom had to fight off the rest of the family to keep her mini pies.

Peach-Raspberry Pie/Cobbler


2 cans of peaches

1 small container of raspberries

!/2 tsp raspberry flavoring (optional)

½ c brown sugar

Dash of cloves (be careful!)

1 tsp cinnamon

3 pre-made pie crusts

1/3 chopped pecans (Roughly, some are for garnish, so… )

Dash of cane sugar (optional)

1 egg white


Preheat your oven to 450. Then begin work on your filling. Put a sauce pan on the oven and start by pouring one can of peaches into it. Normally I prefer fresh ingredients, but peaches around here are sometimes hard to find, and I needed the syrup for this recipe anyway. Add about ¼ of the raspberries from the container into the pan. Add in your spices and about ¾ of the separated out pecans and stir until it is nice and warm.

While it warms, cut your pie crusts to size, I made mini-pies so for six of them it took about two of the crusts. Some of them weren’t tall enough when I put them in the heated oven to pre-bake, so be careful  and press it in properly or use baking beans/marbles to keep the shape. Only bake them for about 10 minutes.

Once your filling is fully heated, and your pie crusts in the oven, put the filling in a food processor, or blender. It will come out a fucking ridiculous color, so sorry about that, I added in a touch of raspberry flavoring because my raspberries are a bit tart and I added too much cloves – be so careful with that spice ohhhh fuck me, I get in such trouble with it – anywho, the flavoring is not a required ingredient.

Once your filling and pie crusts are prepared, ladle the filling into the crusts, only fill about half way, then add in the remaining peaches and raspberries. Ladle in the remaining filling. Now it’s time to make your pie top, I tried several things, have fun with

The less pretty ones – and an open faced pie. 

this. I braided strips, did a traditional lattice, and a couple flat coverings.

Once it’s all finished, whisk an egg white and brush it over the crust, sprinkle a little bit of can sugar if you like, and sprinkle extra pecans on any of your open-faced pies, or decorate however you like. Experimenting makes this bit the most fun in my opinion, so a couple of mine looked like shit, but the majority were pretty successful, I think.

Anyway, bake for another twenty minutes, or until your crusts come out nice and golden-brown. Sprinkle with powdered sugar if you like. Then let cool and enjoy!


The pretty ones. 

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