Butterscotch Mousse-ish

So I won’t lie to you all, you’re my peeps, I don’t actually know how to make legit mousse. I’ve never looked up a recipe for it – pinned several – but never given it an actual look-over.

Cut to Saturday night, I was having a desire to make, something, and looking up at my pantry with dissatisfaction. I’m not able to spend any money, so I was stuck with what I have already on hand.

What I had was two boxes of butterscotch pudding. Now I had purchased that for a cookie recipe – like any good Potterhead, I’ve tried to make Butterbeer everything, it was one of those – and so I was hesitant to use it up – but my craving would not be denied.

So I decided to make ‘mousse’ with what I had and some pudding mix. The result was actually pretty impressive!

I originally wanted to put them in little croissant cups – by wrapping the bottoms of my cupcake pan, for ease – but I forgot to grease the cupcake bottoms and so they got stuck. It was frustrating, but fuck me the worst thing was the clean-up.

Anywho, here it is, my mousse-ish masterpiece.

Butterscotch Mousse

1 box pudding (the reality is this would work with any flavor)

1 cream cheese block

~1 c heavy cream

~1 c pecans (chopped)


Pour pudding mix into a bowl, let your cream cheese soften at room temperature and then whip the two together, adding in heavy cream as you get it whipped up. At this point you have a choice – you can add in the pecans now, and whip it to a nice thickness – or you can just use the pecans to top them off.

Spoon the resulting mousse into bowls that can be covered, or Tupperware and garnish with additional pecans – or the only pecans – and put in the fridge for a couple hours to cool and set.

The resulting treat is fantastic! It definitely needs the nuts though so if you’re allergic I recommend gram crackers to give it the additional texture and taste that makes it so awesome and cuts a touch of the richness that is inherent with a recipe of this sort.


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