So I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I am in the midst of searching for another job for the third time this year, it’s been a crazy year. It’s never a fun experience for someone who has anxiety naturally, but I’m optimistic.

As I search for employment, I am trying to write something and finish it so I can epublish it on Amazon. I have been story-boarding all week and I feel pretty good about one of the stories I started last year, I started working out the kinks on character development and some of the plot points.

One of the silliest things that has happened to help me with this is my grandmother bought me this set of Foray colored pens, and every time I start writing about something different or a different character I switch colors, it’s been fun and weirdly helpful for my brain. Also it feels like I’m taking notes in school, which was a comfort zone for me.

At any rate, I was all ready today to start work, but I got distracted by playing Fallout – who can blame me? – and yesterday I got struck by strong inspiration for another story I want to epublish, so I spent all day working on that.

So I decided I’m going to hit it HARD on Monday, no excuses! She says while watching Megamind and sipping her soup, instead of writing…….

Anyway, hope you have had a great weekend!


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