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Healthy Irish Hash

So I Loooooved that Irish has I made a few days (a week?) ago. I wanted it again but I'm trying to be better about what I eat. So I decided I could make it healthier and  munch away! Below is what I came up with. Ingredients: 3 large sweet potatoes 6 eggs 2 c… Continue reading Healthy Irish Hash

Breakfast · Healthy Food · Turkey

Breakfast Pouches

So I hate waking up early. I wake up about 20 minutes before I need to be out the door, and if I have any extra time, I get annoyed because dammit I could have been asleep! So I was reading up on healthy food and I found a make-ahead breakfast recipe that can by… Continue reading Breakfast Pouches

Stray Thoughts

Fuck Summer

You may be wondering, why the hell is the author of this blog, who is so tired she couldn't post a single recipe, bother with a post all about hating summer? Because it's awful. I sweat walking outside. I get heat-sickness. I can drink water until the sun goes down and still feel nauseous all… Continue reading Fuck Summer


Cupcake Update

So, I made my cupcakes - but a financial hitch got in my way when it came to the amount. I made 32 regular sized cupcakes, 6 massive heart cupcakes, and that was all I ended up being able to do - curse this lack of fundage that is my life. However, while the cupcake… Continue reading Cupcake Update


Cupcake Challenge V.2

So I am starting the process of pricing and tallying my ingredients. I have done some google research, and I am starting to feel more confident that I can do this without breaking the bank. Here's the first draft of ingredients Oil - 48oz bottle Eggs - 36 Chocolate chips - 2 bags Heavy Cream… Continue reading Cupcake Challenge V.2

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Irish Hash

I love cooking meals from around the world, particularly where I and my family are from. I was feeling particularly Irish last week and cooked this up but I forgot to post it, so here we are. This recipe is a great one for breakfast or dinner, and can stand to be added to. For… Continue reading Irish Hash

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Turkey Meatballs in White Wine-Thyme Soup

So today I decided I was going to make something with my a container of ground turkey I had had sitting in my freezer for a while. The rest of the recipe just sort of came about as I poked through my fridge. Today work was fucking insane. I got home and I had sweat… Continue reading Turkey Meatballs in White Wine-Thyme Soup

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Lemon Chicken & Veggie Pasta

This is a quick meal I made, trying to achieve more healthy recipe with more vitamins and natural flavor. I bought some veggie-pasta and I saw a couple recipes online for cooking with it, and I decided to make something totally me. I made a sauce, using heavy cream as I am wont to do… Continue reading Lemon Chicken & Veggie Pasta



So today my viking and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and picked up a couple things I need to fulfilled my cupcake challenge at the end of this week. We picked up a cupcake pan that will bake 2 dozen cupcakes at a time, which will really expedite this process, and we got… Continue reading Update


A Cupcake Challenge

For Father’s Day I made a set of dark-chocolate and mint cupcakes with large chunks. It was amazing, they were amazing, it was a good day, my father was trying to watch his weight so he parceled them out throughout the family. My sister’s fiancé adored them, and as a joke he said, “For my… Continue reading A Cupcake Challenge