A Cupcake Challenge

For Father’s Day I made a set of dark-chocolate and mint cupcakes with large chunks. It was amazing, they were amazing, it was a good day, my father was trying to watch his weight so he parceled them out throughout the family.

My sister’s fiancé adored them, and as a joke he said, “For my birthday I want 12 dozen.” It was hilarious.

And then I sat back and thought about it – could I actually do that?

For several days I poked around the idea, not certain but entertained.

Then we got together for a family dinner and I got one of his big hugs, and I knew I had to do it for him (don’t tell my Viking, but no one hugs like my brother-in-law). I told him that day and he nodded, looking serious.

“I can eat them.”

So here we are, the great cupcake challenge.

I have calculated what I’m going to need, 6 boxes of cake mix, 4 cartons of heavy cream, 3 bars of cream cheese. The remainder of my green food coloring (I assume) tablespoon of mint flavor, at least. 2 batches of eggs (depending on the recipe either 2 dozens or 2 18 packs) and the remainder of my oil, plus another bottle. This going to be an expensive undertaking – and that’s just ingredients.

We have to consider traveling. I have to get 120 cupcakes to my sister’s house.

We have to consider time. Each batch of cupcakes is going to take about 1 hour to fully finish (cooling, swapping out trays) if I am dedicated to just cooking, then I might be able to speed that process up – and if I get a larger cupcake tray (Or just more of them) we can eliminate some time.

So I am in the market for a large cupcake tray.

The party for my soon-to-be brother-in-law will be on a Tuesday this month, which means I have that weekend before to package them up and making our grand entrance into the party – my thinking, however, is that I don’t have a lot of room for them in my little apartment.

So maybe we’ll drop them off when they get done. It will be a marathon, I’ll write it all down and keep you posted.


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