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Lemon Chicken & Veggie Pasta

This is a quick meal I made, trying to achieve more healthy recipe with more vitamins and natural flavor. I bought some veggie-pasta and I saw a couple recipes online for cooking with it, and I decided to make something totally me.

I made a sauce, using heavy cream as I am wont to do but I minimized it and added lemon juice for flavoring. I won’t pretend it is the most healthy thing I’ve posted, but it is very filling and if I want to be healthier I can reverse the proportions of veggies-chicken.

Me and my man adored this recipe and gobbled it up, even as we were busy fighting our sink which decided to get clogged right as I started cooking.

I hope everyone enjoys this! I would write more but to be honest it’s double experience weekend on Diablo III and I’m about to cap-out.

Lemon Chicken and Veggie Pasta



4 chicken breasts

1.5 c veggie of your choice

2 c vegetable pasta (I used barilla)

1/5 c heavy cream

Lemon juice to taste (I advise a minimum of ¼ c)

Dash of cumin

1 tsp brown sugar

2 tbsp butter

2 tbsp flour

¼ c white cheese (Munster, swiss, whatever you like, I used Munster)




Dice the chicken and put in a covered pan, add in cumin, garlic and lemon juice and cook on medium until done. Stir occasionally.

Add in vegetables – I would recommend broccoli, but I didn’t have any so I used peas and ½ a red pepper. It was delicious. If you are using raw vegetables, such as broccoli, you will want to allow for more time to cook, so I would have it in there for at least 8 minutes.

While your chicken is cooking, put your water on to boil and cook your pasta. Once your pasta is done, add it into the chicken pan.

Make a quick roux with the butter and flour, whisk your heavy cream into the roux and when it becomes thick and completely combined, pour it into the chicken and pasta. Mix and taste at this point, check to see if you need any more lemon and add your brown sugar and cheese to cut the bite of the lemon sauce.

I leave such a room for customization as I know some people who are very sensitive to citrus, even in recipes (I can be, actually, but specifically with oranges for some mad reason) and I want to give you the room to cook for your audience.


I’m going to post pictures whenever I get a chance – they are on my phone and my Onedrive is being a dick.





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