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Breakfast Pouches

So I hate waking up early. I wake up about 20 minutes before I need to be out the door, and if I have any extra time, I get annoyed because dammit I could have been asleep!

So I was reading up on healthy food and I found a make-ahead breakfast recipe that can by quite healthy if you do it properly. So I did it properly! I am going to show a variation of the recipe that i’m going to be making next week.

Healthy Breakfast Pouch


Wheat Wrap (All I was able to get at my local Wally-World was whole wheat tortillas)

1 egg / wrap

1/4 c of a healthy cheese per the wrap you’re going to make. (I suggest Munster or Mozzarella)


Ground turkey or Turkey Sausage

Aluminum foil


Heat your oven to 350F

Lay out your wrap on top of the foil, place your meat and cheese on top of the wrap, try to make an indent and do this on an even surface so you can crack your egg directly onto the wrap and not spill it everywhere.

Quickly fold up the wrap and lock it in with the foil.

Bake for 20 – 30 minutes if you are doing more than two wraps. If you’re doing fewer or smaller wraps, I suggest checking it after the first 15 minutes, then again every 10.

PS – As with all my egg recipes, and most breakfast recipes, I always suggest adding Salsa if you want it a bit different – in this recipe it would even be good as a dip, or baked in with the wrap.


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