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Healthy Irish Hash

So I Loooooved that Irish has I made a few days (a week?) ago. I wanted it again but I’m trying to be better about what I eat. So I decided I could make it healthier and  munch away! Below is what I came up with.


3 large sweet potatoes

6 eggs

2 c turkey sausage/or ground turkey

Salt & Pepper to taste

1 tsp chipolte seasoning

Butter for cooking (Or olive oil if you want to be really good, but I was out)


Cube 1 3/4 of the potatoes, shred the others. Cook them about 15 minutes, then add your meat and cook until totally soft. Heat your oven to 350 and separate your hash into 6 servings, crack an egg over each one and bake for 25-30 minutes (Or until your eggs are done to your liking.


PS – I suggest if you like your breakfast a little sweeter, add some syrup to your finished meal after it gets out of the oven. If you want it a touch more savory, try a bit of salsa. These sound unconventional, but trust me – all the yums.


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