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Oh You’re Still here?

Yeah. I am. So what the fuck has been going on?


So in October we ended up moving from the apartment to a HOUSE, for real guys. I have MARBLE COUNTER TOPS!

We got a PUPPY! Her name is Zenobia and she is a mixed little perfection pop.

I LOST MY JOB – oh wait, whoops, lost my job. I loved my job but my migraines got in the way, so now I am working to find a way to work confidently while navigating that horror, that is my chronic migraine nonsense.

I created another website – I don’t plan on stopping posting here (whatever the past few months my have suggested) but the other website is going to give me more flexibility in what I post and can create. If you want to see it, click here!

Lastly, and what is taking up a fair amount of my time, is I’m working on writing a cookbook. I’m excited about the hugeness of it and slightly nauseous. I’ll keep you guys posted on both sites!

Wish me luck all – oh and there is a recipe on the way. It’s got CHOCOLATE and COCONUT – I cannot wait to share. And eat.


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