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Happy Easter – Chocolate Cake

So worked up a cake that I’m not super happy with, but I wanted to share my work because not every experiment goes well the first time folks!

So i wanted to make a chocolate almond cake with coconut frosting. My man and a friend said it tasted great, but I was not happy with the chocolate flavor, I used from-scratch methods, using hot water to help with the blending of the chocolate, and I think it tasted almost bitter and thick.

My next theory is that I need to add more dairy to the recipe, using Cream and Sour Cream to give it more depth of taste and heat the liquids before mixing to help the cocoa blend properly. I also think that I want to reach out to find other chocolate mixes, maybe put a pudding mix in there?

I haven’t commited to any specific idea, I’m going to work on it and I’ll keep you informed. The cake did look fantastic btw, so it’s even more frustrating!


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