Mother’s Day

So this year I am going to make my mother pies again, at her request. We’re celebrating Mother’s Day on Tuesday so I’m making them on Monday and buying the things for them tomorrow. She wanted peach pies, so I am going to do a few different types.

Traditional Peach Pie

For this pie I’m going to go fairly traditional, it will walk the line between pie and cobbler, basic pie crust with fruit and syrup filling, a few pecans and a crusted top. 

Peaches and Cream

This one is going to be closer to a cheese cake, with a cream cheese and peach base with fruit along the topi and a gram cracker crust. 

Pie Tart

Tarts are really just pies without tops, fight me on this. I’m going to lay the peaches out nice and pretty and make it syrups but no pecans or anything, something nice and simple. 

I’m going to keep it at three, I figure that three small pies done perfectly are better than a ton of options half-baked…..I’ll see myself out. 


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