Mother’s Day

So this year I am going to make my mother pies again, at her request. We're celebrating Mother's Day on Tuesday so I'm making them on Monday and buying the things for them tomorrow. She wanted peach pies, so I am going to do a few different types. Traditional Peach Pie For this pie I'm… Continue reading Mother’s Day

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Okay, let’s talk chicken

I grew up poor, there was a lot of fucking chicken in our lives, so I am always trying to make it taste better. But I've recently made a mistake - I started to load chicken up with the kitchen sink and all, and I wondered why it wasn't tasting as good as I expected.… Continue reading Okay, let’s talk chicken

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Slow Cooker Pork

So yesterday I went to the store, I'm still on the job hunt and so it was important to get some proteins that were both filling and cost effective. I found an amazingly priced corned beef, and bone-in pork shoulder. I was thrilled, and after doing my usual recipe with corned beef last week, I… Continue reading Slow Cooker Pork

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Why Blue is for Boys

It’s become fairly common knowledge in the past few months that previous to WWI, boys were dressed in pink clothes and girls wore blue. This has given rise once again to the great baby clothing color debate. I’m here to shut it down, and answer the question once and for all – why blue is… Continue reading Why Blue is for Boys

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It’s fucking snowing

So it's early spring in my part of the world and it is not normal for it to snow. I am so excited, and now I want to bake something warm and inviting, like apple pie or peach cobbler, or something. Anyway, hope you all have a great weekend!    

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Happy Easter – Chocolate Cake

So worked up a cake that I'm not super happy with, but I wanted to share my work because not every experiment goes well the first time folks! So i wanted to make a chocolate almond cake with coconut frosting. My man and a friend said it tasted great, but I was not happy with… Continue reading Happy Easter – Chocolate Cake

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Oh You’re Still here?

Yeah. I am. So what the fuck has been going on?   So in October we ended up moving from the apartment to a HOUSE, for real guys. I have MARBLE COUNTER TOPS! We got a PUPPY! Her name is Zenobia and she is a mixed little perfection pop. I LOST MY JOB - oh… Continue reading Oh You’re Still here?

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Healthy Irish Hash

So I Loooooved that Irish has I made a few days (a week?) ago. I wanted it again but I'm trying to be better about what I eat. So I decided I could make it healthier and  munch away! Below is what I came up with. Ingredients: 3 large sweet potatoes 6 eggs 2 c… Continue reading Healthy Irish Hash

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Breakfast Pouches

So I hate waking up early. I wake up about 20 minutes before I need to be out the door, and if I have any extra time, I get annoyed because dammit I could have been asleep! So I was reading up on healthy food and I found a make-ahead breakfast recipe that can by… Continue reading Breakfast Pouches

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Fuck Summer

You may be wondering, why the hell is the author of this blog, who is so tired she couldn't post a single recipe, bother with a post all about hating summer? Because it's awful. I sweat walking outside. I get heat-sickness. I can drink water until the sun goes down and still feel nauseous all… Continue reading Fuck Summer