Ink – Character Questionnaire

So I’m preparing to get some of my writing pieces ready for e-publish. This means that as good as I might imagine they are, anxiety takes a sharp uptick and I have to thoroughly plan and organize everything, particularly character development.

My favorite thing to do is fill out the questionnaires, but usually the questions don’t work perfectly, so I started to compile questions from tons of questionnaires all over the internet, and in books. Now I began doing this several years ago, so the only problem is I don’t have the sourcing for it, as some of it was my own derivation of the whole idea of character questionnaires and some was copied and pasted directly from pre-made ones.

Below is the end-result. If you like it feel free to use it, it’s helped me when I’m stuck on a certain aspect of a character or story and not sure where I want to go.


What is their name? Who gave it to them and why? Do they have any nicknames? Who gave them these and why? Who uses them? What else are they called?

Eye color? Who did they inherit from?

Hair color/Style – who did they inherit this from?

Build – Why is it the way it is?

Skin tone – is this related to their race? Their job?

Do they have birthmarks and/or scars? How did they get scars if so?

Do they have piercings or tattoos? Why and when did they get them?

How old are they?

How does their voice sound? Any particular reason?

Are they right or left handed?

What is their clothing/dress style, why do they have this style?

How do they relate to their appearance?

What is their favorite feature about themselves?

What feature do they get the most compliments about?

What don’t they like about themselves?

What is their state of mind at the beginning of the tale? How has it changed or will it change?

What is their social class?


Extrovert or introvert?


Greatest strength? Do they know this?

Greatest weakness? Do they know?

Biggest fear? Why? Who knows? Why?

Favorite season? Why?

Favorite weather? Why?

Do they have political views? What are they?

What is their favorite color? Why? Least favorite? Why?

Favorite food? Why? Least favorite? Why?

Are they more book or street smart? How did this develop?

How do they deal with stress?

What is their vice of choice?

Do they have mannerisms/ticks?

Do they overuse phrases or words? Have a motto?

What is their most marked characteristic?

What sort of relationship do they have with money?

Do they care what others think about them?

What do they consider themselves best and worst at, why?

Love and Sex:

Have they ever been in love? With who/when?

Have they ever had their heart broken? When?

When did/have they lost their virginity? Circumstances?

When did/have they had their first kiss? Circumstances?

Who is their current love interest, how did they meet?

Do they believe in soul mates? Love at first sight? Why or why not?

Do they want a family? Does their current partner?

How would they define a successful relationship? An unsuccessful one?

Are they physically affectionate/pda? Why or why not?

How do they view sex?


Did they have a generally good or bad childhood? Do they see it that way? How do they see it? Good, bad, hard, easy?

Were they overprotected/raised as independents?

Did it last long enough? Why or why not?

What is their most potent memory from childhood?

What is their first memory?

What smells do they associate with childhood?

Where were they born? Were they planned?

What were their childhood aspirations? If changed, why and when?

What was the worst thing that ever happened to them? The best? From their point of view.

What schooling did they receive? Did they enjoy it?

Who was their childhood best friend? Are they still friends? Why or why not?

Describe their childhood bedroom.

Family and friends:

Who are their parents? Names, social class? How old are they, are they alive? What do they look like?

What is the relationship like with the parents?

Who are their siblings? Names and ages? What do they look like?What do they do? Are they alive?

What is their relationship with their siblings?

Is their family biological/adopted/friends?

Who are their friends? Names, ages? What do they do? Are they still alive? What do they look like?

Who are they closest to? Why?

Who is their role model? Why?

What is their strongest memory for each family member and friend?

Who influenced them the most?

Personal Life/History

Where have they lived? Where was their favorite and why?

Where do they call home?

Where do they go when they’re angry?

What is their favorite journey they’ve taken?

Where do they vacation?

When/where were they the happiest?

Where would they ideally live?

Describe their current bedroom.

What is their most treasured possession? Why?

What is their greatest extravagance?

Describe their routine day.

Do they have any secrets? Who have they/would they tell?

Who are they keeping secrets from? Why?

What do they consider the most overrated virtue?

What stresses them most?

What is their biggest regret? Why? Greatest achievement and why?


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