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Back on the Wagon

Healthy eating comes in many forms. I prefer calorie counting, it’s easier for me, and I have a handy App on my phone, My Fitness Pal, which lets me plug in everything I eat, create recipes and add from restaurants, all while staying within my given allotment for the day. You can plan your allotments based on how much you want to lose and how fast. It’s awesome, and I’m busy, I don’t really want to work much harder than that!

That being said, getting hungry while I’m moving down from a higher calorie intake to a lower is the worst. I have been craving chocolate for days and yesterday I gave in, I plugged dark chocolate bar into the app and saw how much I had to give up to satisfy this craving. It wasn’t so bad.

Even today, with Starbucks handing out their new Unicorn Frappacino, I was able to plug in a frap already in my history that matched the calorie count and then plan my day around it.


I think that’s what makes eating healthy the most difficult, you have to think about it a lot, especially if you haven’t been, and yet you don’t want to think too much about food because that makes you hungry! Fucking catch 22!


Anyway, here’s a picture of my happy Frap! Have an awesome day!


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